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Panels of this series lack decor executed with pantograph. They can be made of different materials such as plywood or MDF, covered with veneer of various species of wood and painted with any RAL colour.

For the time necessary for repair, temporary panels made of orgalite can be used in order to avoid damage of decorative panels that you have chosen. Later temporary panels installed in steel doors can be substituted by permanent ones.

Panels made of plexiglass are used in exhibition samples to demonstrate under-the-hood of a door.



Дуб натуральный ПВХ

Дуб натуральный ПВХ Сосна белая ПВХ Венге золото ПВХ меламин орех национальный меламин дуб венге меламин орех светлый орех национальный меламин средний орех Орех светлый 02-01 Эбеновое дерево 16-12 Мокко 02-08 Меранти 02-05 Махагон 02-04 Зебрано 15-12 Дуб натуральный 11-12 Дуб мореный 11-10 Дуб беленый 12-12 Дуб аквамарин 12-11 Вишня 02-06 меламин венге венге промышленный Черешня 02-07 Орех темный 02-03 Орех средний 02-02

Пленка ПВХ

Пленка ПВХ

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