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These decorative panels bundle the most up-to-date aesthetic demands with traditional woodworking. Panel leaf is hand-picked by parts and gathered like in the distant past carpenter created perfect décor from parts of wood.

Paying attention to qualitative choice of wood, ideal matching of horizontal and vertical wood lines, design thought out to the last detail, peculiarities of production process, high level of specialization and professionality, master reaches optimal result.

Handcrafted panels are made of MDF 7mm thick , covered with walnut or oak veneer and painted in different colours.



Дуб аквамарин 12-11

Дуб аквамарин 12-11 Дуб беленый 12-12 Дуб венге 12-09 Дуб мореный 11-10 Дуб натуральный 11-12 Черешня 02-07 Вишня 02-06 Меранти 02-05 Махагон 02-04 Мокко 02-08 Орех темный 02-03 Орех средний 02-02 Орех светлый 02-01



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