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Models of doors

ВЫБЕРИТЕ ТЕГ: со скидкой


Confidence for minimal price! Reliable construction, Italian locks, perfect operation of mechanisms and minimalism in details are characteristic features of new entrance door series of economy class. They can be manufactured only of standard dimensions.


The most popular among all ESTA door series. STEEL series has been designed especially for those people that search for reliable protective doors at reasonable price.


These doors can be rightfully called a mainstay of reliability. In addition to all standard protection mechanisms and antitamper devices used in all ESTA doors special GRIFF systems was designed especially for this series.


Exterior doors provide maximum protection and the highest grade of security. All innovative ideas applied to ESTA constructions are executed in ALFA.

Steel Light

These doors, safely constructed at the STEEL base, are provided with translucent white and bronze glass.

Double-leaved doors

Double leaved door is a door with two opening leaves.


Doors not only provide the protection of breaking, but possess high fire resistive qualities.


Nonstandard solutions are the most popular among clients that want to install a door in country houses as it allows them to turn into reality their most bold ideas.

Invisible / Plane Wall

Unique steel door with INVISIBLE HINGE technology. This model jointed several technological novelties that lift it to the new level of security, comfort and style.

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