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Double leaved door is a door with two opening leaves. One of them is a main leaf where locks and wedge system are installed, other one has locking mechanism but lacks locks.

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Double-leaved symmetrical doors
Width of additional leaf is equal to width of main leaf. 
Dimensions of leaf, cm Width (Proportion of leaves) Height 167 (80+7+80) 200 / 210 177 (85+7+85) 200 / 210 188 (90+7+90) 200 / 210

Double-leaved asymmetrical doors
Width of additional leaf is less then width of main leaf. 
Dimensions of leaf, cm Width (Proportion of leaves) Height Высота 110 / 120 (80+30 / 40) 200 / 210 115 / 125 (85+30 / 40) 200 / 210 120 / 130 (90+30 / 40) 200 / 210

Double-leaved doors possess lower grade of tamper resistance then single-leaved doors, as their door block is not undivided, but consists of 2 parts. That results in weakening of structure stiffness. For that matter ESTA recommends to apply diplane GRIFF locking system in order to increase the grade of vandal tamper resistance . Deviator with hook installed in main leave grapnel secondary leaf and so making undivided door block that is much more difficult to tamper that two separate leaves.

Besides our company is the only manufacturer of tamper resistant double-leaved doors in FIRE 60 fireproof version. Such door resists to fire during 60 minutes. 

ESTA company manufactures complicated entrance constructions on the basis of double-leaved doors.

What are the reasons to have double-leaved door? 

  • wide door opening that is impossible to narrow;

  • convenience of operation , e.g. to bring in or outbulk items;

  • requirements of property management company or fire inspection (emergency exit);

  • architectural or designer’s treatment.

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