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Extra class protection
The doors of this series can be reasonably called a stronghold of security. In addition to all standard mechanisms of protection and anti-breaking devices, which are used in all ESTA doors, the Griff system is specially developed for this series and includes two horizontal wedges with hooks.


Griff RB Griff B Griff R 2B Griff 2B

Basic configuration

Doorleaf made of sheet steel (thickness 1,5 mm)

Steel sheets (thickness 1,5 mm)inside

Full filling

Full filling

Full filling

Full filling

Doorframe (steel thickness 2 mm)

Subframe (steel thickness 2 mm)

Fixed threshold (18 mm height)

Bit-key lock

Recordable ( 4 pins +lever latch n 18 mm)

Recordable ( 4 pins +lever latch n 18 mm)

Additional service cylinder lock in separate case ( 1 pin n18 mm

Asix cylinder

Asix cylinder

Additional service cylinder lock in separate case ( 5 pins n18 mm

Astral S cylinder

Astral S cylinder

Option of additional lock to block all locking mechanism

5 fixed wedges on hinge side

Nighttime latch

Opening control device

Protection of lower cylinder

Protection of upper cylinder

Manganese lock protection plates

Door viewer

Set of VERONA lever handles and escutcheons (bronze finishing)

Decorative panels of melamine covered MDF


Replacement cylinder for RS3 S

Bit-key cylinder

Electromechanical lock

Withdrawable threshold

Door closer

Additional steel sheets (thickness 1,5 mm)

Different finishing of handles and escutcheons

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