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ESTA Company represents the first and unique in the Russian market ESTA steel door with INVISIBLE HINGE technology. This model jointed several technological novelties that lift it to the new level of security, comfort and style.

New design of door frame and aluminium profile allowed to create door appearance principally different from the models of previous generation. The door leaf of the mounted door of new model is located practically in the same flatness as the wall. This peculiarity together with absolute visible absence of hinges boggles the mind with unusual and stylish door appearance.

Absolute security is the feature of our unique door provided by new design. Special construction of door frame and aluminum profile makes it impossible to reach door pins while the door is closed. Besides, door lock is also more guarded in this model. All these factors considerably increase tamper resistance parameters of this door construction in comparison with a traditional one.

We apply Italian hidden hinges with patented mechanism INVISIBLE HINGE in our new model. It not only hides the hinges inside the door that protects them from external factors, but also controls maximum angle of door opening due to built-in automatic latch of doorstop. The door leaf automatically stops and fixes in 105 degree angle position while being opened. The area light is completely opened that provides optimal space for exit. Choice of such opening angle prevents your door and interior from occasional damages. This mechanism doesnt allow the doors frame to hit the wall even it was abruptly opened. Besides, when the door is mounted in e.g. marble or wooden aperture, 180 degree opening is contraindicated as it may damage the surfaces.

One more patent is applied in the new model. It is the mechanism of universal hinge adjustment (Joystick System). By use of special joystick located on the hinge and included in the set of regulator, you can easily and without any efforts adjust the door position in three planes yourself.

We used a unique patented system of automatic regulation of rabbet ledge. When the door is being closed the mechanism regulates effective pressing of the door leaf to the door frame itself (Fridge Effect). The result is the perfect door operation without service call. In general new door model represents a unique offer in world door market. Esthetically beautiful, new door is also a serious obstacle to unwelcome entries. It is a principally new level offering great challenges in comfortable operation and design.

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Plane Wall


Doors of this series do not have visible hinges and inner profile framing the panels. Door handle is the only visible metal part!


The door is mounted in the same plane as the wall. Even if you didnt order platbands or wall panels , the door will merge in the single plane with a wall due to unique technology of mounting.

This door is an unexpendable solution when walls are faced with stone or marble!


Design solutions such as a door merged in asingle plane with a wall by decorative panels and being like their extension are very popular in modern interior.

PLANEWALL is an excellent variant of such design implementation. It is an absolutely plane door merging with wall panels that can continue the pattern of door finishing or be an independent decorative element. Door panel can be untinted and painted at the same time as wall.

You can get more detailed information if you call our consultants: +7 (495) 921-41-99

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