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History of ESTA brand is a history of a company that is the only one in Russia at the present moment that manufactures ARMOURED SECURITY DOORS applying Italian philosophy.

Like many others our firm started from sales of imported entrance doors on the basis of the dealer agreement at the end of the 90s.But very soon we realized that Russian market has its specific features and requires customization of the sell products, even they are of very high-quality. E.g. all Italian doors are equipped with door bottom seals but not with fixed sills. Mild Mediterranean climate allows usage of such seals, but it is impossible to use such doors during severe winters in Russia. Moreover, all Italian doors have the following peculiarity they are opened only inward. But in Russia such way of opening is not accepted due to many reasons. We took Italian principles and product culture as a basis and created a door designated especially for Russian conditions and registered our own trade mark ESTA. Such approach immediately found its esteemers and so we have manufactured and sold our own ITALIAN ENTRANCE DOORS for more than 10 years.

Why do we state that our doors are ITALIAN?

Firstly, all the equipment, component parts and technology are Italian. Long-term, continuous and effective collaboration with Italian factories and co-design of new process solutions allows us to state that our doors are ITALIAN. We can surely assert that our production conforms to world quality standards. Moreover it is adapted to Russian conditions that makes it especially attractive in our market.

Secondly, ESTA Company is the only Russian door manufacturer that applies Italian manner of mounting. Double adjustable doorframe gives an opportunity to make a door aperture ideally straight and also to regulate doorset position after mounting and while in operation.

Besides, continuous renewal of decorative panel collections, usage of quality and ecologically friendly materials, quality control on each stage of manufacture and mounting all these factors together are an Italian door. Italian culture this is the concept characterizing our ultimate product.

Many things in the market have changed during years of our work. We have organized high-capacity manufacture; its technology is constantly being improved. We have forged relationships with reliable suppliers of component parts that approved themselves in the world market. We have designed door models of different tamper resistance levels for various needs.

Our company actively interrelates with its consumers tending to make the cooperation long-term and mutually beneficial. We develop our product and offer new solutions considering opinions and wishes of our clients. For instance, our product current concept implicates opportunity of modernization and renewal of a door that has already been exploited. It allows our consumers to make an efficient use of money and conduce environment protection.
We have plenty of development plans but care about you comfort and security is the major one.

All our efforts are turned to design and manufacture of perfect product that will provide you with QUALITY OF LIFE UNDER THE AEGIS OF ESTA.

1998 ooperation with Italian entrance and interior door manufacturing plant was started. First showrooms were organized in Moscow.

1999Distributive network of branded sales points was organized. Contracts with Italian factories supplying with component parts for steel doors manufacture were concluded.

2000Own manufacture of steel doors was launched. Trade mark ESTA was registered and the production was customized to the Russian market. Successful start of sales.

2001Organization of ESTA branded showroom and reconstruction of existing retail chain.

2006 First regional filial branch was opened in Saint Petersburg.

2007 Distributive network of branded sales points was organized in Saint Petersburg. Dealership development in Russian regions was started.

2008 ESTA product line was renovated. We entered less expensive market segment with BAZIS series.

2009-2010 Regional dealership development.Filial branches were opened in Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don.

2011 Dealership network in more than 20 regions of Russia was organized.

2012 Entrance to the market of CIS countries. Design of new revolutionary product in the Russian market door with hidden hinges.

2013 Start of production on innovative door series- PLANE WALL door in the same plane as wall.

2014 Start of production of TRAFFIC economy series-its characteristics of tamper resistance compete with doors of higher grades, but its price is much lower.

2015 Start of production of arched doors and constructions.

Esta 2001-2015, phone: (495) 921 41 99,

All rights for the web-site, its components including design and materials represented on the web-site are owned of ESTA company. Any usage, copying of web-site and represented materials are copyright and associated rights law violation and entail liability in accordance with Russian and International law. ESTA trade mark is officially registered in Federal Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Service and belongs to ESTA company on the basis of the right of ownership.

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