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construction OF A METAL DOOR

  • 1 Metal primary frame

    Covered with electrostatic paint, is fixed to the wall with dowels in 14 points

  • 2 Main frame

    Main frame is made of reinforced steel, covered with electrostatic paint

  • 3 Panel

    Made of entire leaf with stiffening ribs along the perimeter

  • 4 Inner panel

    Consists of two special steel frames for improving door stiffness

  • 5 Защитный короб

    Is settled on the steel panel for additional safety of lock system

  • 6 Lock

    ESTA doors are equipped with CISA lock system. We offer several types of lock systems

  • 7 Manganese steel plates

    They are used on all ESTA doors for better security

  • 8 Hinges

    With adjustment possibilities on a three dimensional plane to provide equal distribution of load

  • 9 Locking rods

    Fixed on the panel at the side of hinges, 5 steel locking rods enter corresponding holes in the door frame and resist the attempts of lifting the door panel

  • 10 Wedges

    Protect the door from being pulled out. GRIFF system includes hook-ended wedges that prevent the door from mechanical opening

  • 11 dowels-iron rods

    Provide secure fixing of the primary frame to the wall in 14 points

  • 12 Insulation

    Between the two steel panels there is insulation material penopolistirol that guarantees a high degree of insulation from heat and sound

  • 13 Decorative panel

    Produced from the excellent veneering material

  • 14 Controlled opening

    Special device of partial opening allows the door open only by 10sm

  • 15 Aluminum profile

    Provides secure fixing of decorative panels and protects them from mechanical damage along the perimeter

  • 16 Handles

    The door is equipped with an external knob and an internal handle produced specially for armored doors

  • 17 Fixed doorstep

    Installed on the lower part of the door it gives additional stiffness to the main frame and covers the void

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